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My Gay Opinions

I have and will always try to avoid political debate on this blog. I think that politics fall into a weird category where, no matter how logically you present an argument, there will always be people who vehemently oppose you and utterly ignore what you are saying. Most often, these are people who are logical themselves, but politics just turns them into frothy rage monsters.

That said, today I’m going to present my views on a political issue and defend how I feel about it. I ask that everyone who reads this post read every word and take at least 5 minutes to wipe away the froth before commenting/emailing/boycotting my blog about how wrong I am.

I am a Christian who believes the bible is truth and God inspired, and I support Gay Marriage.

There are a few things you need to understand before you write me off as just another liberal. First, homosexuality is a sin, plain a day. It is condemned in the old testament twice, along with every other sin we as fallen humans can commit. Like eating pork. Understanding that, I cannot tell someone who is sinning (by liking other men) that he can’t get married when I, a sinner (by liking pork), am allowed to marry. That’s what we call hypocrisy and, guess what, that’s a sin too.

Second, I love homosexuals. Christ taught us to love everyone like we love ourselves. I love myself quite a bit (I avoid mirrors because I’m forced to make sexy eyes in one every time I walk by) so if I truly want to be Christ-like I must love everyone else just as much.

All of that said, there is a fundamental problem with the conservative argument against gay marriage. The biggest opposition says that allowing same-sex marriage would compromise the biblical example of marriage. One problem with that argument: we are not a Christian nation. It’s plain and simple. We are a Muslim nation and a Hindu nation and an atheist nation and a Christian nation and, heck, a Scientologist nation. No one is asking Christians to redefine homosexuality as not a sin. We cannot write laws to cater to one religion. If we do that, we are destroying a fundamental tenant that makes our nation so great: Freedom of Religion.

Allowing gay marriage at a government level will not hurt your religion. You can preach at a pulpit that you disagree with homosexuality and try to convert homosexuals to your point of view without forcing them to be second-class citizens. All the Gay Rights movement wants is to have he same rights we as straight people enjoy, nothing more. They want to be treated as equals, as sinners in a fallen world who need Christ’s love.

So, there’s my opinion. If you have a logical, well thought out response to this, please feel free to comment or email me! If this post makes you angry and want to spew hate at me or another commenter, please seek help. That sounds unhealthy.

Monday, we will return to your regularly scheduled Rant.

Note: you should applaud me for this post. It was done one-handed on an iPhone because I cannot feel my right arm!