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Ranty’s Idiocy Awards

I’ve recently done a small overhaul of the blog, adding categories and tags to each of the posts and making things look vaguely appealing for my readers. I did this for many reasons. I wanted the blog to be generally more organized and informative. I wanted it to be easier to read for you, my readers. Mostly, I just wanted the people at Freshly Pressed to say “Gee wiz, that Ranty guy deserves free advertisement!” because most of my motivations revolve around getting more attention.

During these renovations, I had several realizations. First off, I’m hilarious! Everyone should love me for this. Second (and far less important), I realized that more than half of my posts fell into the “Stupid People” category. This really doesn’t surprise me, because as I’ve mentioned before, people are really stupid sometimes usually all the time. That said, I don’t want my blog to be just about how stupid people can be; after all, inanimate objects and animals can be just as stupid sometimes!

Thus, Ranty’s Idiocy Award was born! This weekly post will be thrown at you every friday and will feature one of the many, many people I run into on a daily basis who chip away at my faith in the human race. This will free me up to continue yelling about the idiocy of everything else in the world every Monday!

So, until Friday, keep spreading the word about just how much you love me and my blog on Facebook and Twitter and where ever else you like to hang out!

Me: An Intermission

This isn’t a Rant. This is an unapologetic advertisement.

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