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The Wheels on the Bus Go…

I’ve mentioned once or twice that I cannot stand people. I’ve discovered throughout my life that the general population of humanity is ignorant to at least one rule of intelligent social interaction. Most people only have to deal with these types of people on rare occasions in bars or restaurants, during vacations, etc. If you are unlucky, you have to interact with one of these people in your work place. If you are really unlucky, your boss is one of these people. And then there is public transit.

If anyone ever asked me what I thought insanity felt like I would say a crowded bus that never stops. Public Transit, in my opinion, brings out the very worst in people, more so than bars or clubs or Disneyland. Every time I have rode the bus I have run into at least one group of people who, despite the fact that “Public” is in the name, have decided that this would be the perfect time to talk about something intimate and private. I have overheard conversations ranging from STDs to jail time to the things that a certain sophomore in college did to ensure she received a good grade in her HIST 101 class. None of these, however, anger me more than the fighting couple.

I will stop here to explain something about my personal life. I am married to a beautiful, talented, wonderful and quite insane woman. We do, on occasion, disagree with each other on various subjects and, occasionally, this will lead to an argument and eventually me owing her a back massage for being wrong. So, as a married man who has at times lost his mind and decided he wanted to argue with a wall, I can fully understand the need to have a bit of yelling and disagreement in a relationship. I would even venture to say that a little bit of disagreement and positive arguing (the kind that doesn’t involve drop kicks) is healthy for the communication of a relationship. That being said, having that arguement in the middle of a crowded bus within ear shot of at least 60 people is probably not the best idea.

I recently was forced to endure a hour long bus ride from Union Station to a friend who lived in another city. One stop from where I boarded, two very angry looking people decided to take the seat in front of me and proceeded to have a death match in plain view of everyone else on the bus. We all were treated to an argument that could probably win some awards for “Best Pointless Conversation” in a soap opera. The highlight of the entire ordeal, however, was the moment when another passenger asked them to be a little quieter. The male half of the fight turned to the interloper and uttered the five stupidest words I had heard all day:

“Mind your own damn business.”

Ignorance is bliss, apparently.