The Rant-Zone

I feel like everytime someone makes a new blog they have to make the first post about why they are making the blog. It’s always something along the lines of “I love cats. Here’s a blog about cats.” or “Did you know music is awesome? Let me spend the next eight hours writing about how awesome it is.”

This is totally one of those posts.

So, everyone knows that one person in their life that likes to get riled up and go on massive rants about something that everyone isn’t interested in or, at the very least, isn’t interested enough in to listen to a five point lecture about someone else’s opinion on that thing. You know the one. You are sitting in a bar and have just gotten buzzed enough that the room looks a little too fuzzy and you are talking about a new television series or the Hadron Super Collider or president Obama’s recent visit to a sandwich shop (Seriously CNN? Really?) and then BAM he’s off to the races like this was his thesis at university and there is absolutely no way you are going to stop him now.

I’m that guy.

So, I introduce you to Ranting with Ranty: the blog about ranting. Well, technically it’s a blog containing ranting (by Ranty (That’s me!)), completely stream of consciousness (With minimal editing because damn you horrible typing ability) being force fed into your brain. I’m sure there’ll be some trends but it’s going to be unhinged, subjects unleashed like a zombie virus onto the tiny populace of the slightly too crowded city in your mind.


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